Stays put while you're in motion
(The New ClipE Brings Style and Simplicity to Headphone Cord Management)

Washington, DC - ClipE (

is pleased to introduce a stylish and easy to use clothes clip that is a sensible management solution for headphone cords during physical activity. Available in 9 colors and 8 designs, this accessory will keep loose earphone cables securely attached to clothing so they don't interfere with arm motion or pull out of the ears. It is compatible with all

PDAs, Smartphones, MP3 players, the iPhone and all iPods



The ClipE was invented by Jessica Blysma, a professional pilot and avid runner who was frustrated with the limited solutions available for restraining her headphone cords while exercising. She searched through the options available on the market, but found them to be either unattractive or inneffective at keeping the cord from bumping around or interfering with movement. "Portable music is a must-have motivator for my workout routine, but I can't have wires getting in the way," says CEO and founder Jessica Blysma.

Jessica got her inspiration from the efficient way cables were kept organized in the cockpit of her airplane. After working through many design ideas, she finally came up with a small but smart solution that is suitable even for athletes who are fashion conscious. "My workout friends made it clear- it had to not only be durable and effective, but look good, too." says Jessica. A variety of color and faceplate design choices have been created to accommodate the wide range of personal esthetics among athletes.

The "ClipE" also allows for cord storage when the headphones are not in use, so the cord won't become tangled. Even though it is small in size, measuring ( x ), it can easily hold up to (x) feet of (x) sized cable. An internal clasp holds the cord securely in place after it has been wound to a comfortable length and then clasps on to the shirt or clothing.

The ClipE is now available for purchase at Amazon ( The website, just launched this week, will be hosting various giveaways and contests over the next few weeks for crowd sourcing designs for the ClipE faceplate.

ClipE is an elegant and practical clothing clip that keeps headphone cords neatly out of the way during active workouts. Invented by Jess Bylsma, a professional pilot, music lover and avid runner. Follow her on Twitter ( and Facebook ( For further inquiries contact Amna Nadim at (email address).

Jul 15, 2011
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