Stays put while you're in motion


ClipE is a small and simple solution for managing headphone cords in a stylish way.
The design, mechanics and ergonomics were the brainchild of an avid runner and professional pilot, Jess Bylsma.
Just like pilot's headsets have a clip on them to keep cords away from the flight controls and switches, Jess saw the need for a similar concept for runner and athletes.
After exploring all options in the market that didn't quite meet the practicality and aesthetic requirements, Jess took matters into her own hands and designed the ClipE. ClipE has a pending patent and is now available in the market for anyone to purchase and benefit from.
From mockup sketches to prototyping to production. It has been quite a journey and we hope that everyone will love using ClipE as a part of their day-to-day activities.
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